The WIKI Patrol are on a roll! We're here to help you, so if you have any issues, take it up with us. Staff with stars next to their icons are Dual Staff who not only moderate on the RP Wiki, but also staff over on the Fanon Wiki so you can ask them about happenings that span both Wikis. However, please don't contact Fanon Wiki staff for RP Wiki issues, and don't contact RP Wiki staff for Fanon Wiki issues.

CANDY Aviivix - Current owner of the RP Wiki. Sona: Candy the Coydog.

TUNDRA Tundrathesnowpup - Admin on both Wikis. Sona: Tundra the Husky.

CENTURION DJ RJ Centurion - Admin on RP, Mod on Fanon. Sona: Centurion the Weimeraner-Shepherd.

TANNER Charlie tanner - Admin on RP, Content Mod on Fanon. Sona: Tanner the Fox

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