The WIKI Patrol are the admins and mods on this Wiki and the Fanon Wiki. If you have any issues, leave a message on their wall and they will sort things out for you! Remember...

The WIKI Patrol WILL...

  • welcoming and helpful!
  • ...take care of rulebreakers!
  • settle arguments!
  • ...keep the peace!

However, the WIKI Patrol will NOT...

  • ...always be there to RP with.
  • ...have time to chit-chat whenever you want.
  • ...make you free art or writing.
  • ...insult or defame another user.


Clip (2017-08-03 at 09.53.20) (3) Aviivix

TUNDRA Tundrathesnowpup


Clip (2017-08-03 at 09.53.20) SmokythePolicePup

Clip (2017-08-03 at 09.53.20) (1) Chaseisonthecase

Clip (2017-08-03 at 09.53.20) (2) 258raindrop

TANNER Charlie tanner

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