When you use this Wiki, you need to abide by certain rules to ensure everyone is treated safely and has a positive experience. If you break these rules you will be issued a warning, temporary ban or a permanent ban. Please read these rules through -- we are not responsible for you forgetting them or having not read them.

Do not spam. While short roleplay parts are fine, please don't post repeated meaningless messages over and over. This includes incessant begging for staff, advertising other sites (ask us first), etc.

Refrain from harassment, and know the difference between a discussion and a fight. Arguments happen, we're only human, and the world would be really lame if we all had the same opinions. However, there is a line to be drawn between fighting and debating. Insults, threats, passive aggression, and other bullying behavior is not tolerated. Debate should be peaceful and both parties must be able to agree to disagree.

Please try and tone down drama. This involves insult wars, passive aggression, mobbing, hostile cliquing, exclusion, and other non-immediate bullying and shifty situations. Try to refrain from making people feel uncomfortable or gossiping about people. This also includes "playing victim," or acting like you are being bullied by someone who has no intention of hurting you and is not acting malicious or hostile.

Keep swearing to a minimum. Minor things like "hell" and "crap" are okay, but please do not go further than that. If in doubt, ask.

No ERP (Erotic Roleplay) on the Wiki. This is any sexualized or NSFW RP. That is to be kept off the Wiki.

Be inclusive in Chat RP. You can use walls and PMs for one-to-one RP. If you decide to start a roleplay in chat, please be inclusive and don't tell people they can't join. (Of course, this is granted the newcomer is willing to go along with the topic! You can say no if they want to use their unicorn character in your superhero RP, for example, but at least try to include everyone who wants to join.)

Pages on the Wiki are reserved for RP documentation and RP topics. You can put RP logs on pages to keep them orderly, and even RP completely in edits if you wish, but please remember; Characters and literature are to be kept to the FANON Wiki. This is a sister Wiki for the Fanon Wiki and meant for roleplay and roleplay documentation.