Welcome to the PAW Patrol RP Wiki!

Thanks for visiting the RP Wiki. This is a sister Wiki to the Fanon Wiki meant to organize roleplay and allow an easier place for roleplayers to organize and hold such activities. Character pages, art and literature can be found over on the Fanon Wiki, NOT over here. The RP Wiki is only for RP. Be sure to read the Rules before doing anything on this Wiki, but most importantly, have fun!

About the Wiki

The RP Wiki is for roleplay and roleplay documentation. You can host RPs on your walls here without worrying about clogging the activity for bugging authors over on the main Wiki, and make pages specifically for roleplays. This can be in the form of pasting your whole RP into a page, or making a Page RP!

To start up an RP, post an RP request on your message wall, your potential RP partner's message wall, your blog, or a new page. Alternatively, you can look for current requests in the Wiki Activity and respond to them. Do not jump in on other peoples' RPs!

Important Links

The RP Wiki is a branch Wiki for RP activities. For other activities, be sure to pop on over to our main one, the Fanon Wiki!

Also, be sure to visit our Discord server!

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