Open RP (or Page RP) is a format the RP Wiki hopes to make easier. Given stories, art, and other pages won't be showing up in the page activity, open RP is much easier to keep track of. There are also Private RPs which are also covered on this page, where the page RP is set up but reserved for a certain group of people. These are some basic guidelines for Open RP.

What is Open RP? How does it compare to Wall or Chat RP?

Open RP is when you make a page on the Wiki, and leave it open for people to join by edit. The host (page creator) can choose the topic and how many people they want to be included, as well as other options for RP such as GMs, RP style, AU, generation, etc. There are pros and cons to Open RP versus Wall RP and Chat RP.

Chat RP Wall RP Open RP
Reply Time* Near immediate reply rate. Fast reply rate. Slow reply rate.
Keeping Track Can be hard to keep track

of if done in an active chat.

Easy enough to keep

track of.

Very easy to keep track of.
Recording Depends on the platform. Near

impossible on Wikia's built in

chat, easier on Discord, easiest

on Chatzy.

Very hard to record, and

requires a lot of edits to

make it readable.

Super easy to record, and

already hosted on the Wiki

for easy reading.

Availability All RP partners must be online

in the chat program for an RP

to even happen. (Discord is an


Partners can submit their

parts even if not everyone

is online at the time.

Partners can submit their

parts even if not everyone

is online at the time.

Organization Can be a pain, with people

potentially losing the plan in

chat history, forgetting things,

plus the actual planning could

bore someone hoping for an

instant RP.

Planning is kind-of easy, but

when there gets to be tons

of replies, it could get difficult

finding what you decided on.

Super easy planning, and

topic is placed at the top

so it's also very easy to go

back and find what info you

need if you forgot something.

Often times edits are made so

the RPers are up to date on

the decisions made.

Communication OOC communications for RP

discussion can be done in (( ))

messages in the chat itself,

making for quick and easy

decisions for RP direction.

(( )) talk is used here as well,

but slower response time

means a lot more time taken

from RP time.

The ridiculously slow pace of

these RPs make external

communication the only

practical way to discuss RP

OOC. Make sure you have

a place to talk before you

start the RP.

Open RP Format

Titles: (Open RP) {title}, (Closed RP) {title}, (Private RP) {title}

If setting up a Private RP, the page title doesn't need to be changed, but when you fill all the slots for an open RP, you must change the page title to Closed RP and take it out of the Open RP category and place it in the Closed RP category. This is to make searching easier for other people looking for open RPs to join and let people know when your RP fills.

All open RPs must have certain things addressed in their opening. This can be in a list, or described in a paragraph or few. Make sure you specify what your plan is before you begin.

Topic: What is your RP topic? What do you want to do? Where do you want to take it?

Style: Script or prose?

Players: How many people do you want to participate, you included? 2-4 people work best for RPs, beyond that could become hard to keep track of, and you might lose people.

Universe: Canon, AU, perhaps even Crossover. Let us know what universe this is in.

Generation: In some universes, the adventure spans multiple generations of pups. Each generation is usually based on certain pups being certain ages, so there's no set amount of time between each generation. This is important for ages of each character, and so for example, you don't have a young Rocky going on a mission with Marshall's great-great-grandkids born long after their passing.

Other Info: Do you have a GM? (Game Master, someone who controls the environment and sometimes also extra random characters with little screentime. The host is usually the GM.) Do you not want certain themes in your RP? Do you want everyone to only play one character, or are you okay with people playing multiple roles? Anything extra like that goes here.

After your RP layout is set up, you can then make a header for a player list and what characters they're playing. Links to the Fanon Wiki entries on those characters are great. The Game Master has "GM" listed first on their character list. Here's an example of what a players panel should look like.



GM, Bernie, Jet, Atrix, Scout


Whittaker, Centurion

Afterwards, you can put another header titled "RP" and simply start from there!